The Peer Review Practice blog is designed to promote open and honest dialogues with our readers and shall serve as a medium for effective communication. Blog readers should review these guidelines and carefully consider what they write prior to posting a comment. These guidelines are intended to help readers assess what is and is not appropriate content for the blog.

  1. Be professional and courteous to others. The Golden Rule applies.
  1. Think before you write.
    • Consider what tone you want to portray and re-read your posting for errors and clarity before pushing “submit.”
    • Be passionate about what you write while respecting others and their viewpoints.
    • Develop a thoughtful, rational opinion/thought prior to posting – hasty postings should be avoided.
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  1. Be HONEST and OPEN. These are key characteristics of a successful blog.
  1. Do not submit SPAM. This type of posting will be removed from the blog.
  1. Your opinion MATTERS and it will be heard.
    • If you have something on your mind, SHARE IT.
    • Speak for yourself. Your posting represents your thoughts/concerns and should do so accurately and clearly.
  1. Defamatory statements will not be tolerated.
    • Do not direct pointed comments at one particular individual; rather, make constructive comments and address real concerns.
    • Do not disclose personal information about other individuals.

These guidelines are established to encourage you to contribute constructive and respectful comments. They are not to discourage you from providing feedback; however, we must ensure comments are respectful and representative of the peer review community—one of treating each other with dignity and respect. Therefore, the blog will be regularly monitored and comments that do not meet these guidelines will be removed.